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Overview of Common Knitting Mistakes Knitting can be a tricky craft to master. Even experienced knitters make mistakes now and then, and learning to recognize them quickly can
Knitting Smarter: How to Stop Your Knitting from Curling Up
What is Knitting Curling? Knitting curling is a technique used in knitting to create a three-dimensional effect. It involves using two colors of yarn, one in a contrasting
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Introduction to Knitting Machines Knitting machines are machinery knitters, and crafters use to create clothing, accessories, and other knitted items quickly and easily. Knitting machines are powered by
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1. What Knitting Needles Should You Use? Knitting needles come in a variety of sizes, materials, and shapes. You will need to select the right hand for the
Slip Knot, KnittingThe Beginners Guide to Creating a Slip Knot for Knitting
Introduction to Slip Knots Slip knots are one of the most fundamental knots used in the world of rope crafting, from the traditional macrame to more modern uses