How to Style the Perfect Percival Knit Polo

What is a Percival Knit Polo and How to Choose the Right One

A Percival knit polo shirt is one of the most popular and sought after fashion items in menswear. The Percival knit polo is an iconic piece of clothing that draws from classic styling and modern tailoring to create a timeless look. A Percival knitted polo has been around since the early 1900’s, when the British Army adopted it as part of their uniform. Since then, it has become a staple item in men’s wardrobes across the globe due to its versatility and style.

When choosing a Percival knitted polo shirt, there are several factors to consider to ensure you’re getting the right fit and fabric for your body type and lifestyle. Firstly, pay attention to fabric selection – choose lightweight fabrics such as cotton or merino wool which are breathable and soft against your skin. Secondly, decide on your desired collar shape – long collars can add structure while short collars provide a sportier look. Finally, think about sleeve length – opt for longer sleeves if you prefer more coverage or shorter sleeves if want something more casual or for warmer weathers.

When put together properly with other items of clothing such as jeans, jackets or blazers – The Percival Knit Polo can certainly help you nail smart-casual dressing with effortless finesse!

Step-by-Step Guide on Styling a Percival Knit Polo

A well-styled Percival knit polo can take your look to the next level. Whether you’re going for a formal, casual, or smart look, a Percival knit polo will be sure to make you stand out. It’s such a versatile piece of clothing that it is no surprise that it has become popular in men’s fashion. So if you are ready to show off your style, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to style a Percival Knit Polo.

Step 1: Choose The Right Fit: A key factor when styling a knit polo is choosing one with the right fit for your body type. A slim fit ensures that the collar and cuffs sit close against your arms, while an oversized cut will give you more room for comfort without looking sloppy. Experiment with different cuts and fabrics until you find one that fits the best!

Step 2: Get Creative With Color: Let loose on experimenting with colors when it comes to wearing Percival Polos. Dare to be bold by pairing bright colors like red or yellow with earthy tones like olive green or taupe. If bold isn’t your thing, go classic by wearing traditional colors such as navy blue or grey shades. Don’t be afraid of color blocking either—this is a great way to create interesting looks while still keeping it minimalistic and sophisticated at the same time!

Step 3: Consider Your Accessories When Styling a Knit Polo: Accessories play an important role in completing any look—they add oomph and can instantly pull together any outfit long before reaching for sneakers or loafers.. For more formal occasions opt for details like patterned pocket squares which add texture. For everyday attire these can be substituted for simpler pieces like woven belts complete with gold details— stylicious and effortless .

Step 4: Pay Attention To Footwear & Fit: Last but definitely not

10 Quick Tips for Styling a Percival Knit Polo

1. Add Layer – Top off your apparel with a Percival knit polo and let the layering begin. Try pairing it with a cardigan or blazer for a preppy, polished look.

2. Tuck in Your Shirt – Whether or not you’re wearing pants or jeans, tucking your Percival knit polo into your waistband instantly brings style to even the simplest of looks.

3. Try Something Unexpected – Incorporate a bold patterned pocket square or belt with your polo to mix things up and make an interesting statement piece that stands out from everyone else’s wardrobe staples.

4. Opt for Colored Chinos Instead of Khaki – The versatility of a colored pair of chinos allows for easy dashing-from-day-to-night without having to endure any major wardrobe changes. This is especially true when donning an artisanal Percival knit polo in its companion color; it offers just the right balance between formal and casual wear for whatever occasion you may encounter next!

5. Accessorize – To enhance your look even more, add accessories like cuff-links, ties, bowties, necklaces and watches while keeping away from busy prints on any one article of clothing—unless you are confident that they will both blend together nicely (which often comes down to trial and error).

6. Experiment with Patterns – You can either match your tonal patterns (from head-to-toe) to give yourself some compatibility while still spicing up the outfit level by experimenting different textures/fabrics e.g camels wool trousers along with herringbone shirt & jacquard waistcoat or alternatively experiment against eachlevel by mixing plaid checkered designs paired with tonal solids all throughout the other items of garments you are wearing in order to create eye popping visual appreciation points throughout!

7. Keep it Simple – Neat

Frequently Asked Questions About Styling a Percival Knit Polo

A knit polo is a versatile, attractive option for men’s wardrobe that can be dressed up or down depending on your occasion. Styling this relaxed piece of clothing into an outfit is key to achieving any desired look. In light of that, here are some frequently asked questions about styling a Percival Knit Polo:

Q1- What type of pants should I wear with a Percival Knit Polo?

A- Depending on the occasion and desired look, there are many options for bottoms when pairing with a Percival Knit Polo. For more formal looks, try pairing with wool trousers and dress shoes. For casual occasions, chinos or denim provide great alternatives. When going for more laid back vibes, choose linen trousers and espadrilles or boat shoes to complete the ensemble.

Q2- How can I accessorize my Percival Knit Polo?

A- Accessories are essential when it comes to pulling off any look. They not only add visual interest but also provide the opportunity to reflect your own distinct style in an outfit. When rocking a knit polo consider cufflinks or pocket squares as fashionable accents to adopt the old school approach or alternatively opt for statement pieces such as bucket hats and bandanas when you want an edgier aesthetic.

Q3- Can I layer over my Percival Knit Polo?

A- Absolutely! Layers are one of the simplest ways to elevate an outfit from basic to put together in no time at all! Sweater vests, cardigans and jackets all make excellent choices for layering over Percival knits for both day and evening looks – allowing you mix match different textures, cuts and patterns depending on the occasion!

Top 5 Trends in Styling a Percival Knit Polo

A Percival Knit polo is the perfect item of clothing to take you from day to night. Whether worn at a formal event or simply with jeans around town, this comfy yet sophisticated piece can be dressed up for any occasion. Here are our top five trends for styling your Percival Knit polo so that you can make sure you look your best at all times.

1. Layering – Layer your knit with a light blazer or cardigan to add texture and depth to an otherwise minimalist look. This classic styling trick adds warmth during colder months while still providing an air of sophistication and stylem, ideal for smart-casual occasions on chilly days.

2. Accessorizing – To add a touch of personality, why not accessorize? A minimal gold necklace or watch can break up the block color of the knit without overpowering it, creating a subtle but effective contrast in style that will have heads turning in admiration!

3. Print Clash – According to fashionista’s everywhere, print clash is incredibly popular right now! If you’re feeling bold and daring why not try adding some printed trousers and a patterned scarf into the mix? Embrace this era, show off your eclectic choice of items and strike envy amongst your friends!

4. Texture – As we move into winter then bundle up in layers head-to-toe as thick sweaters take centre stage; however don’t forget to include pieces that bring texture together such as corduroy jeans and velvet loafers, plus accessories like suede gloves. Showcase all fabrics available – just don’t go too wild!

5. Casually Cool – Casual socialising never looked so superb with the addition of your trusted knitted wonder; teamed with ripped denim attire its easy look good when venturing down town at dusk into dawn (censored). Keep it simple here by engaging with plain shades

The Dos and Don’ts of Styling a Percival Knit Polo

Percival knit polo shirts are a classic wardrobe staple that can be worn in many different ways. With their classic but modern aesthetic, they offer a unique style that can dress up any look. Whether you’re wearing one to the office, on the weekends, or even as part of a formal outfit—if you find yourself in possession of one of these timeless garments, here are some Dos and Don’ts when it comes to styling a Percival Knit Polo:

Do: Embrace Color – A Percival knit polo shirt is all about the color; whether it’s navy, royal blue or burgundy, make sure to pick something that compliments your wardrobe and adds character to any look.

Don’t: Layer Too Heavily – Instead of layering multiple knits with your polo (like cardigan + vest), keep it sleek with just one extra layer over top such as a lightweight trench coat or chambray shirt. This will also help keep your outfit from looking too bulky.

Do: Accessorize Wisely – To bring focus to your knit polo, choose accessories which compliment its colour. For example if you have chosen an emerald hue then team with other green accents within a pocket square or tie pin.

Don’t: Pack On The Bulk – If you’re not layering too heavily underneath try adding subtle texture elements like corduroy trousers or selvedge denim jeans for interest without choking off the air around your Percival knit polo. Wearing tapered clothing hidden within a boot cut trouser maintains effortless but more tailored fit suitable for almost all occasions without ever looking overly casual.

Do: Play With Proportions – Finishing touches such as baggy trousers and over-sized jackets could be used to balance out the proportions offered by the slim cut of a knitted polo

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