Knit Your Way to Style: How to Make a Trench Coat

Knit Your Way to Style: How to Make a Trench Coat

Introduction to Styling a Knit Trench Coat for Fall:

As temperatures start to drop, there’s no better way to stay stylish than by adding a knit trench coat to your wardrobe. But the key to any stylish item is pairing it with the right pieces in order create a stunning look. If you’re looking for some fashion inspiration as the leaves begin to change colors this fall, keep reading for our guide on how to style a knit trench coat for chillier days!

To begin, think about the type of outfit that can make a knit trench coat truly shine. A neutral-colored piece like grey or black would pair well with virtually any colors and patterns, taking you from day to night easily. During the daytime hours when its cooler outside but not yet cold enough for a heavy jacket opt for an oversized sweater and some fitted jeans. This ensemble provides warmth while still looking stylish, thanks in part to the texture of the fabric of your knit trench coat which coordinates nicely with knits. To make this daytime look even more impactful, accessorize with some thick wool socks tucked into pointed toe ankle boots.

If casual looks aren’t what you had in mind when styling your knit trench coat then add a bit of luxury into your evening outfit by pairing it with a luxurious silk bodysuit and leather leggings or mini skirt. To complete this luxe look, emphasize its dramatic silhouette by wearing showstopping statement earrings and metallic high heels that will draw attention from everyone around you!

No matter where you’re headed this fall season (whether it be out for dinner or just running daily errands), sprucing up your cold-weather attire has never been easier thanks to styling ideas created outfitting a knit trench coat! So don’t forget how versatile layering can be; experiment with different textures and shades and find what best fits your personal style this autumnal season!

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Style a Knit Trench Coat for Fall:

Knit trench coats are a great way to stay warm in cooler weather while looking stylish at the same time. If you’re looking to add some variety and versatility to your fall wardrobe, a knit trench is an excellent choice. Here are our step-by-step tips on how to style a knit trench coat for maximum visual impact.

1) Start by choosing the right color for your autumn ensemble: Warm neutral shades like camel, beige, or tan will always pair well with classic woodsy tones like navy, maroon and olive green. Seasonal options such as pumpkin spice and burnt orange will also add extra vibrancy to your look!

2) When adding layers underneath your knit trench coat, go light or neutral – think lightweight sweaters or turtlenecks in lighter hues that won’t add bulk or compete with the design of the coat.

3) Accessorize accordingly: When donning a statement piece like a knit trench coat, keep it simple when it comes to jewelry – focus on just one key piece like a statement necklace, hoop earrings, or stacked bracelets instead of overdoing it with multiple eye-catching items.

4) For shoes: Picking the right shoe is essential for pulling off this outdoor look – chunky ankle boots give off an outdoorsy vibe while heeled booties tend to dress up any outfit and are perfect for transitioning from day-to-night looks. Go for something timeless like suede moccasins if you’re going for more of an effortless casual style.

5) Last but not least: drape something fancy around your neck; whether it’s a tasteful scarf or blanket shawl – something that adds subtle sophistication should do the trick! With these steps you can now enjoy all that fall has to offer without compromising style (and warmth!).

Tips and Tricks on How To Make Your Outfit Look More Flattering with a Knit Trench Coat:

1. Keep It Simple – A knit trench coat is the perfect showstopper to add to any outfit, but it can also be overwhelming if you go too crazy with it. Stick to basic and timeless pieces such as jeans and a classic white t-shirt, black trousers or pencil skirt for a polished yet laidback look.

2. Focus On Fit – Make sure your coat fits snugly in the shoulders and arms for a more flattering silhouette. Also take into account the hemline – choose one that sits at hip or waist length for an even more flattering fit.

3. Layer Up – Knit trench coats look best when paired with textured layers underneath such as cable knit sweaters, cashmere cardigans or fitted blouses – anything that adds body and definition to your outfit will make you look instantly put together and stylish!

4. Play With Proportions – Knit trench coats come in all different shapes and sizes, so experiment with various widths! The tighter you pull your uber-trendy slim fit coat shut will accentuate curves while an oversized piece of outerwear has its own unique charm – both options will ensure maximum head-turning!

5. Accessorise To Perfection – When working with knit trench coats it’s easy to over accessorise, so keep things simple yet classic – think tailored leather gloves, classic handbags and minimal jewelry for a stunning detail-oriented finishing touch!

FAQ’s About Wearing a Knit Trench Coat During the Fall Months:

Q: Can I wear a knit trench coat during the fall months?

A: Absolutely! A knit trench coat is a great way to add some sophistication and warmth to your look during cooler months. With its lightweight material, it layers beautifully under heavier coats, creating the perfect ensemble for fall days. The beauty of knit trench coats is they come in a variety of colors, fabrics and knits. Whether you choose a classic wool or something more on trend like metallic jacquard, there’s a style that suits any fashionista’s needs.

Q: Are knit trench coats suitable for wet weather?

A: While most styles are not waterproof, many feature water repellent finishes to protect against light rain showers or dampness. If you plan on wearing your coat in heavy rain or snow, consider opting for one with wind-resistant and waterproof outer materials such as polyester or cotton twill. It’s also important to make sure all seams are sealed to prevent any moisture from seeping in through openings.

Q: What styling tips should I keep in mind when choosing a knit trench coat?

A: One key tip when selecting is to ensure the length isn’t too long; ideally the hem reaches the top of your knees allowing freedom of movement without being too bulky. As far as color goes – stick with neutral dark hues such as black or navy which will go with almost anything in your wardrobe while helping elongate your silhouette. Finally, pay attention to small details – buttons, patch pockets and zippered pockets are all great additions that can help bring out the best features of this chic look.

Top 5 Facts About Wearing a Knit Trench Coat in the Cooler Weather:

1. Not only do knit trench coats look stylish, but they are also incredibly cozy and comfortable! Knit trenches will keep you warm in the cooler months without being bulky or cumbersome like traditional wool or heavy coats. Plus, they provide an added layer of insulation that allows you to step out into the cold without having to bundle up too much.

2. Trench coats made of thicker knits can also repel light rain and snow meaning you can stay outside without worrying about damage from getting wet or cold. This makes them a great choice for days when there’s an unpredictable forecast since you’ll be prepared whatever comes your way. And on top of that, knit trench coats tend to be machine washable so you don’t have to worry about any potential staining or damage if they get splashed with mud or rain watered along the sidewalk.

3. One of the best things about wearing a knit trench coat is that it offers versatility in its style options – it doesn’t require you to stick with just one look as there are plenty of colors, patterns and textures for every kind of situation. It makes it easy for wearers to switch between a dressed-up professional look or simply throw on something casual yet still remain warm and cozy during any time of year!

4. Aside from their warmth capabilities and various styles, knit coats come with a number of practical benefits too – they are usually lightweight, wrinkle-resistant, breathable and usually very affordable compared to other coats due to the materials used in production being relatively inexpensive (like cotton). As well as making them more cost effective than most winter wear options!

5. Finally – knitting stitches make a difference in how the coat looks and feels! Cheaper mass produced varieties often use ‘plain stitch’ which provides less flexibility but thick yarn such as pima cotton can give increased strength & elasticity while interlocking stitches help trap heat better ensuring

Conclusion – Wrapping Up the Guide to Styling a Knit Trench Coat for Fall:

The knit trench coat is an incredibly versatile piece of clothing. Its classic, sophisticated silhouette, combined with its cozy and comfortable texture make it perfect for styling during the milder, transitional seasons like fall. Now that you have explored this guide, you should feel fully equipped to create stunning and unique autumnal looks with your knit trench coat.

For a timeless option that works for the office or a more formal setting, add some tailored pieces such as trousers and a crisp white shirt under the coat. To lend a contemporary edge to your look, opt for cuffed jeans or ankle boots paired with bold accessories like chunky jewelry pieces or a statement handbag. For days when a casual sartorial vibe is more appropriate, pair your trenchcoat with jeans and trainers such as high-top sneakers; alternatively reach for denim shorts when temperatures allow it. When wanting to show off an autumnal palette of colors, choose between earthy hues like burgundy reds and mustard yellows which work wonderfully in combination with neutrals like navy blues or browns which exude sophistication yet radiate comfort all at once making them great choices for any chillier season’s outing.

Now that you’re familiar with the countless possibilities there are to styling your knit trench coat in accordance to the current weather conditions while still looking chic, go out and mix up different textures and color palettes until you’ve found the one keeping you warm while simultaneously not compromising on style.

Happy styling!

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