The Perfect Cozy Look: Styling With Aeries Waffle Knit Quarter Zip

The Perfect Cozy Look: Styling With Aeries Waffle Knit Quarter Zip

Basic Style Tips for Aerie Waffle Knit Quarter Zips

Aerie Waffle Knit Quarter Zips are one of the hottest trends for this winter season. Whether you’re looking for a casual outerwear piece or a stylish and versatile layer to complete your outfit, this quarter zip is just the thing.

These comfortable sweaters come in several great styles, from classic plain-colored versions in black, navy blue, and charcoal gray to more fashion-forward options with flashy detailing like paint splatters, camo patterns and more. No matter where you choose to wear them, these waffle knit sweater jackets will keep you warm while still looking chic. So what’s the secret to pulling off a winning look with an Aerie Waffle Knit Quarter Zip? Here are some basic style tips:

1. Choose a fun color or pattern that adds character to your ensemble – Whether it’s an eyebrow-raising paint splatter print or an eye-catching camo design, don’t be afraid to go bold with your choice of color or pattern when it comes to your Aero quarter zip! It will give your look extra oomph without taking away from any other pieces you decide to pair it with.

2. Layer it up! – This time of year provides ample opportunities for tackling those tricky layering combinations – and an Aerie quarter zip is perfect for the job! Start by wearing one under another sweater or cardigan for added texture and warmth, THEN finish off the look by draping a jacket for even more interest.

3. Don’t be afraid of pairing neutrals together – Can’t decide between two equally stunning shades of grey? No problem – try mixing things up by pairing both hues at once with your Aerie sweater vest! Neutral tones will create visual harmony and make sure all eyes stay focused on your full look rather than just one part of it.

4. Dress ‘em up OR dress

How to Choose the Right Size and Fit of an Aerie Waffle Knit Quarter Zip

When it comes to choosing the right size and fit of an Aerie Waffle Knit Quarter Zip, there are some key points to consider that will help you make a decision that fits your body comfortably, while still looking stylish. The first thing to consider is the different sizes that are offered. Aerie offers five standard sizes — small, medium large, XL and XXL — so make sure you check which size range matches up with your measurements before selecting.

Once you’ve selected the size that matches your general body frame, the next step is to look at the specific fit of each size option. For example, the small sized quarter zip has a slightly tighter fit compared to a larger sized version which will be looser on your torso overall. If you plan on wearing this piece over a lighter shirt or tank top then opt for a slimmer fitting style as it won’t look too bulky when worn with other pieces in colder weather.

Finally, it’s important to choose a quarter zip from an appropriate fabric when shopping for an Aerie Waffle Knit Quarter Zip. This fabric is lightweight yet warm enough for fall and winter climates which makes it great for layering looks when temperatures start to dip. Plus its waffle knit design creates an attractive texture that helps elevate any outfit from basic basics into something special. With all these aspects in mind, you can easily find an Aerie Waffle Knit Quarter Zip in just the right size and fit for your body.

Step-by-Step Guide to Styling Your Aerie Waffle Knit Quarter Zip

Aerie waffle knit quarter zip is the perfect layer for transitional weather in between seasons. Whether you are headed to class or spending the afternoon at the farmer’s market, this style will keep you comfortable and looking chic with any ensemble. Here is our step-by-step guide on how to style your Aerie waffle knit quarter zip for 3 great looks.

1. Cozy and Casual: This look allows you to combine comfort and practicality without sacrificing style! Start by pairing your Aerie waffle knit quarter zip with a plain white tee, dark fitted jeans, and a pair of low-top sneakers. For an extra touch of warmth, add a colorful scarf around your neck for a classic fall look.

2. Business Basics: Dress up that same staple outfit with just a few elements for an easy business casual look! Begin with neutral toned pants such as tan slacks or pinstripes, then choose either flats or heels depending on your preferences. Add some chunky jewelry like earrings or bracelets and top off the look with your Aerie knit quarter zip featuring stylish details like gold zippers and distressed hems—allowing you to remain polished while staying comfy all day long!

3. Night Out Look: Heading out for a night on the town? Transform this indispensable piece into something sleekly sexy by wearing it overtop a basic bodycon dress and knee-high boots in cognac or black leather depending on your taste. Add some sparkle with drop earrings, highlighter blush across your cheekbones, Mac lipstick in “Ruby Woo” showstopper shade—now you’re ready to be the center of attention!

No matter how much time is left before transitioning fully into falltime fashion; just remember that one oasis of comfort remains—your new Aerie Waffle Knit Quarter Zip!

FAQs About Wearing an Aerie Waffle Knit Quarter Zip

FAQs About Wearing an Aerie Waffle Knit Quarter Zip

Q: What is a quarter zip?

A: A quarter zip is a type of pullover style shirt with a zipper that goes from the neckline to just under the collar or higher on some styles. It’s designed for extra temperature control, allowing you to zip it up or down throughout the day as needed.

Q: What is waffle knit fabric?

A: Waffle knit fabric refers to a type of textile made up of criss-crossed patterned loops. Its raised, chunky appearance gives it a truly unique look and feel that sets it apart from other fabrics – perfect for stylish layering!

Q: How do I best care for my Aerie quarter zip?

A: To ensure your Aerie quarter zip stays looking fresh and keeping you warm, we recommend machine washing inside out in cold water and then drying on low heat. On no account should you iron or bleach this product.

Q: Is an Aerie waffle knit quarter zip appropriate for all occasions?

A: Absolutely! This versatile piece works well both casually with jeans and sneakers or dressed up slightly with trousers and loafers. Just be sure to adjust the zipper accordingly depending on how formal your ensemble needs to be.

Top 5 Ways to Accessorize Your Aerie Waffle Knit Quarter Zip

1. Match It with Your Favorite Jeans: Jeans are the perfect complement to a waffle knit quarter zip, no matter the outfit. With fall around the corner, why not pair your quarter zip with your favorite blue or black jeans? It’s sure to bring out its cozy and stylish qualities for a look that is equal parts comfy and chic. After all, there’s nothing better than donning an on-trend piece while also feeling cozy at the same time!

2. Layer Up With An Oversized Cardigan: Make staying at home feel special with an oversized cardigan that ties together your look in effortless fashion. Whether heading out on errands or taking on a long day of remote work, layered cardigans are key when it comes to holding up those comfy vibes we love so much right now! Add a colorful scarf for extra warmth or a chic belt if you’re feeling particularly glam.

3. Get Cozy With Leggings & Sneakers: For days where comfort reigns supreme, keep it simple yet stylish and opt for leggings and sneakers. This low-key look pairs perfectly with a waffle knit quarter zip as they add just enough edge without compromising on overall wearability – plus they finish your aerie ensemble off in style!

4. Signature Scarves & Boots: Nothing says chilly weather like signature scarves and boots – especially ones that can be styled many different ways! After all, neck candy is the epitome of fall/winter fashion right now – and by adding boots or booties, you’ve easily created an edgy yet iconic look perfect for any occasion (or lack thereof).

5. Tuck & Tie For Maximum Style: Amp up your quarters’ pairing potential even more by opting to tuck it into high waisted cropped pants – then finish off the look with some stylish slip-ons or mules. Pair them with statement jewelry like d

Tips on Caring for an Aerie Waffle Knit Quarter Zip

An Aerie Waffle Knit Quarter Zip (or any type of garment for that matter) is a great item to have in your wardrobe, but it can be expensive. To ensure that you get the most out of your purchase, follow these tips on how to care for your new apparel properly so it will last a long time.

First and foremost, read the tags that are attached to your waffle knit quarter zip. These will provide necessary information on the best way to clean and care for your garment. Unless stated otherwise, washing it in cold water with similar colors and tumble drying on low heat is usually safe.

When laundering the garment, use gentle detergents that are free of bleaching agents. Substances like chlorine and sodium hydroxide can damage waffle knit fabrics over time and also cause discoloration. Keep in mind that darker-colored clothes should always be washed separately from lighter-colored garments to help prevent fading or dye bleeding onto other fabrics.

If possible, hang dry your Aerie Waffle Knit Quarter Zip instead of using a machine dryer as high temperatures may cause shrinkage and weakening of the fabric over time. Additionally, avoid wringing or stretching the jacket when you’re washing it as this can create odd wrinkles or puckers around seams which will be difficult (if not impossible) to remove from future washes.

When ironing or steaming an Aerie Waffle Knit Quarter Zip take special precaution with sewn details like buttons and zippers – they could become damaged if exposed too long each setting being used. Also don’t forget no bleach should be used as bleach will weaken fibers resulting in rips and tears much sooner than normal wear and tear would cause them during frequent wearings!

Finally – store your garment carefully – folds won’t leave permanent lines especially if left stuffed away too tightly so give yourself some airy storage space between items nearby when storing away

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